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The New York Times

Finding Some Principles by Telling Some Lies -- Read More

Los Angeles Times

"An elaborate prank gives way to genuine connection" -- Read More

Roger Ebert

Three Stars -- Read More

Village Voice

"Incredibly Moving" -- Read More

The Washington Post

Critic's Pick, Three Stars, "...deeply, even startlingly rewarding, for seekers and skeptics alike." -- Read More

Salon, Andrew O'Hehir

Pick of the Week, "...[the film] rapidly morphs into something weirder and more interesting," -- Read More

Trust Movies

Vikram Gandhi's KUMARÉ may be the most important, funniest, surprising film this year -- Read More

Andrew Parker

"[Kumaré] has the perfect blend of heart, truth, and humour. It’s a real winner." -- Read More


The Huffington Post

Kumaré: The Time I Became A Guru
Read More

Movie Maker Magazine

Taking a Leap of Faith
Read More

The Washington Post

‘Kumare’ film examines blurred lines of virtual identities
Read More

Next Movie

First 10 Minutes of 'Kumare' Already Better Than 'Love Guru'
Read More


Filmmaker Pretends to be ‘Wise Indian Guru’ for Borat-style Documentary, Develops Cult-Like Following
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India Abroad

Documentaries That Dare to Cross the Line
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Filmmaker Magazine

[Filmmaker Magazine] talks with Gandhi about Borat, cinematic performance art and the guru inside all of us.
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Vikram Gandhi’s AMA (Ask Me Anything)
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